6 April 2015

- We need help at campaign stalls at Devizes and Marlborough

Please get in touch if you can put up a poster, help deliver leaflets, man street stalls, come canvassing with us. Also, for those of you which enjoy engaging with the public about green issues, stalls are to be set out on busy days in towns to let people know we care and are making an effort. Every time we do this we are pleasantly surprised at the strong support we get - the more we are out and about the more support we can build in the community. We will be trying to get out every weekend and market day, if you are able to help please get in touch with the times you are free.

We plan on having a stalls on Saturday 11th April and future weekends in Devizes town and Marlborough town, could you be a helper for the Greens on our historic election campaign? We already have some volunteers but the more the merrier! Please email lucygarven@hotmail.co.uk if you are free at some point during the day on Saturday and you could help us make a real difference!